Presenting your idea

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-Introduce your idea in 2 sentences

[Jan Pawlowski] - [Physical computing, robots] - learning scenarios created already. Adaptation and translations to other regions, maybe a project together . Discussions focussing on 1st grade already here
    App programming approach of the MIT 
Ralf (
- [idea title] - collaborations and knowledge exchange on training
Ebba Ossiannilsson (
European Award for OER and Open educational practices
meet Jöran (German OER award in 2016
Internationalisation of the Higher Education curriculum
Benni (Email:; Twitter: @HiBenni)
World trip to different schools
meet Marci :-) 
OER, technology-enhanced learning for non-profit organisations
contact Knowledge Innovation Center Malta
organisation of a KnowledgeCamp in Berlin 2016
opening up education on a city level
Finding innovative technology, pedagogies and application of online learning around the world
(Ebba interested)
Christian @christiareuter
Linguacamp Berlin 2015 - 3 & 4 October linguacamp2015.event
Innovate in language learning, exchange knowledge & skills
Open Blended Language Learning #OBLL
Heiner Benking -
Open education for refugees
Please look at "Open Education for Refugees"
collaboration national parks, start ups, schools to create new services
(who want to be involved: Ebba)


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    Next steps for collaboration, OEI-project role in supporting you



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      Exploring synergies between ideas


        Relevant collaborators and networks

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        Who do you need to build the idea further? Network, person, organization etc.

        [idea title] - who would you like to work with to develop the idea further?